Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Joyful Kitchens!

More than three years ago, I began a blog called The Golden Piglet.  It was me and my culinary world - cooking, entertaining, travel and all things delicious.  After a year or so, I found that I enjoyed channeling my culinary energies into the activities themselves, more than I did writing about them.  And life got busy...I'll leave it at that.  But here I am now, settled in a wonderful new home, completely inspired and excited to begin a new chapter.

So, I give you, The Joyful Kitchens.  It is a blog, it is a business, it is I and two of my dearest friends. Guest posters will be welcome as well!  There will be recipes and posts of all kinds, there will be edible travel far and wide, there will be cooking classes (public and private) and catering.  And who knows what all else!  I'm thrilled about all of it.  Collaborating on this blog is essential. Everything that is The Joyful Kitchens is about collaboration and the interaction of humanity and the kitchen.  Which to me, is one of the greatest sources of joy on this planet.  Our mission is to serve you, making the kitchens, homes and people we touch, more joyful.

How about these other ladies?  Well, they are two of the most creative and intuitive cooks I know, Rachel Burke and Ashley Rodriguez.  I'll let them tell you about themselves here.  For all my organization and planning they bring a mountain of inspiration and natural ability.  They have incredible palettes, who make me angry with their ability to know just what to add to make something perfect.  Together we are a rare team and we learn so much from each other.  Each of us is confident in many aspects of our kitchens, but has specific areas in which we excel, so you'll see that in the different cooking classes and approaches.   Every class or event involves at least two of us though, so you benefit from our collaboration.  The posts will come primarily from Rachel and I, as Ashley is very busy with her incredible blog Not Without Salt and many other writing and photography projects.  She'll be popping in now and then though, and we look forward to it!

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